Kitchen equipment for restaurant


Web. Oct 13, 2021 · By trapping grease before it enters your wastewater system, a grease trap is able to keep your drainage clean and reduce the chances of costly problems. 6. Salamander Broilers. A salamander broiler sounds like a niche kitchen equipment item, but it’s actually a very common appliance found in many restaurant kitchens..

Commercial Cooking Equipment Fryers, Ranges, Ovens, Charbroilers, Cheesemelters, Microwaves, Outdoor Grills, Proofers, Rice Cookers, Smokehouses, Steam Equipment, Toasters, Waffle Makers, Warmers. Food Prep Equipment.

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Vortex a Restaurant Equipment Supplier is one-stop-shop for all restaurant equipment, commercial kitchen equipment & food equipment needs in Kitchener. Call Us On (833) 569-7710. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Please note - due to on-going worldwide pandemic supply situations, our industry is facing unprecedented shortage from suppliers.

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